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--- Hello People! ---

In a narrative, where I explain the plot outline to an action movie in a dramatic and overdone way that usually contains the voice of Morgan Freeman or Liam Neeson...

Wait why am I here again?... Ahhh, Yes! To inform all of you that Eden will officially be transitioning (We hope...) in a modpack known as "Feed The Beast Unleashed" For those of you who don't know what Feed The Beast is (FTB for short) It's a modpack very similar to Tekkit... Only better, and highly optimized as to be playable, even on pretty old computers. It's pretty much totally awesome, ya know?

Just so you guys don't go absolutely feral on us over this major decision, let me explain to you all the new, fantabulistic (Just invented that word) things that you'll all be getting! Bees, Magic, Magic Bees, Guns, Lasers, Power suits, Computers (That work like old Macintosh OS) and monitors to go with, quarries, nuclear reactors, bajillions of new and interesting mobs - both friendly and hostile, 1 - 2 new dimensions to explore including the Twilight Forest, and did I mention the SafariNet? It's like Pokemon, FREAKING POKEMON!

Anyways, as far as an ETA goes, the new FTB server should be going into beta testing by Monday at the earliest and Wednesday by the latest. It still is undecided as to whether or not this will be an open Beta or not, it probably will be, but the server will not probably be stable until a week of testing has gone by, so PLEASE bare with us!

Also... Just as a Side Note, a tutorial for setting up your FTB Clients will be here shortly!

Thanks for your understanding!

- Do you believe in the Blerch? -

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