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Good Day!

Guys, I'm thinking of just cancelling the server subscription for good, it's been a great run and I have neither the money, time or will to maintain a Minecraft server anymore. Nothing will be able to convince me otherwise so don't try, I'm just sick of playing Minecraft after the past 5 years it has been in my life. I've loved it, hated it and reveled in it for so long, I just think I've had enough and it's about that time in my life when I have to start dedicating more and more time to my own life and career choices.

The server has not been self sufficient ever since it has been taken on by me, and won't ever be again. I don't want to have to be the only person who can supposedly rebuild a server within 24 hours of it having been demolished. I know that some of you guys have the capability to do the same if you wanted to, so I don't want to have to be relied on as the "Owner" of Eden anymore. I'm no leader, just a friend who happened to want to keep the server running for you guys to play on. And right now, I'm done doing it. 

I hope you guys can forgive me for the sudden disappointment, but it's the only choice I have in this time of my life.

It has been a great joy to have hosted and maintained a server for you and to watch Eden grow as a community.

My sincerest apologies~

Spitfire__Holmes Thank you, Safi for all youve done for us so far!! Nobody expects you to devote your whole life to maintaining a minecra ...
CuriousChibi sorry this is sooooo late. we will miss you safi, good luck ...
MysteriousOtter Well said Safi ...
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