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Good evening, Eden.

As you are now aware, the server is now online and functional. We are currently in a Beta testing phase so please expect that a few bugs and glitches will be present. 

Also, please be aware that the build of Feed The Beast we are running on is Unleashed (Minecraft version 1.5.2) and that it is required that you edit your modpack to include ALL mods. Otherwise, when trying to connect, you will be greeted with an error message stating that you are missing some mods. Please note that the server will not include Mystcraft, Portal Guns or Gravity Guns.

Now, we have touched down on the planet marked Ed3n in Gamma section, otherwise known as planet Eden. We have chosen you as part of our continually growing team of colonists and researchers because of either your skills, interplanetary knowledge or sheer boldness in volunteering for the colonization of this vast new planet. It is our job to research, colonize and extract precious materials from the planet. The Admin Team are among the first of the colonists and researchers to start exploring the planet and will be your main source of information and administration during your post here on Eden.

Best of luck.

Overseer Safi Desu, signing out.

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NickehBoi Keep FTB, tis so pro, I'd take it over original any day simply because there is more things to do and you don't get bore ...
ttritt Hour wasted, clearly FTB doesn't like Mac.
PanCakeSyrupPie SAFI Please change it back to the original minecraft... Why did you change it? I want original back :/