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Comic Contest!

[Admin] AlliStarlo A posted Oct 29, 14

Alli here! Time to freshen up the news post a bit!

I'd like to host a contest. More specifically a comic making contest! you may be thinking:

"Well, that sucks because I'm no good at drawing"
"How am I supposed to make a digital comic with MSPaint?..."
"What's in it for me?"

1. I don't care if it's stick figures or a bloody oil painting! This is about having fun!
2. The comic entries can be digital or on paper, as long as you take a picture and upload it!
3. You can enter as many panels as you like!

Lastly, and most importantly. This isn't a simple little get together for your and my entertainment. There will be a very real prize given out to the winner. That prize just so happens to be one free, valid Steam copy of the popular Indie Platforming Survival Shooter known as:

I'll be taking submissions to my Forum Inbox and posting them to a locked subforum in the Drawing Thread for all to see, so be sure to message me.

The contest will be ongoing up until November 20th, so y'all better get drawing!

Good luck and have fun!
iMelXP "How am I supposed to make a digital comic with MSPaint?..." http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ ...
【ℂǶЯƗƧ】 I already own risk of rain but i'll give it a shot
[Admin] bwa196 A A chance to tell a story with stick figures?? Heck yes!